Distillers from father to son

Presentation of the Distillery :

Enseigne de la Distillerie des Menhirs

Distilling in Plomelin, Finistère, has been a family business for five generations of Le Lays with a first production starting as early as 1921.

Guy le Lay founded the Distillerie des Menhirs in 1986 and rapidly became the ground-breaking producer of  Lambig (cider brandy) and Pommeau de Bretagne (apple brandy). Both products subsequently earning the Appellation of Controlled Origin for Pommeau and Appellation of Regional Origin for Lambig.

Ten-odd years later, relying on time-tested expertise, the family embarked into a new adventure and in 2002 launched the first Eddu whisky, as much a result of considerable thought as of brilliant intuition.

A unique whisky which is the only buckwheat whisky in the world.

While keeping its own singular Breton identity, Eddu is now part of the overall Celtic legacy and as such is one strong link between Brittany and the Celtic Nations.


At the origin: apples

Pommiers en fleur

The quality of the Eddu whiskies must not overshadow the fact that the distillery initially gained its notoriety and prospered through products based on apples, a typical Breton fruit.

  • 1986: creation of the first Pommeau de Bretagne 17% ABV.
  • 1989: introduction of the first Lambig de Bretagne 40% ABV.
  • 2002: creation of Gwenaval 40 % ABV.

All these products make it Brittany’s most award-winning distillery.

As it is, since its opening in 1986, the Distillerie des Menhirs has been awarded 16 medals by the Paris Agricultural Show.


The distillery runs its own apple orchards which allows for closer production monitoring.

Chais Distillerie des Menhirs

The distillery today

First there were the elders and their itinerant pot stills.

Then Guy and Anne Marie Le Lay created and developed the Distillerie des Menhirs.

Time has come now for the fifth generation to guide the destiny of this exceptional distillery.

Backed by sound advice from their father Guy, the three Le Lay brothers have taken command of the Distillery since 2008.

  • The eldest son, Erwan le Lay, is production manager monitoring the whole process from mashing to distillation, with beekeeping as a second passion.
  • Kevin Le Lay, the middle son, manages the distillery  and its multi-task exigencies. Kevin is a huge basket fan.
  • Loig Le Lay is the youngest son, in charge of marketing the distillery products, visiting large-scale distributors, specialty stores or wine & spirits shops alike. Its other passion is playing the pipes in a Bagad in Quimper (Breton Pipe Band).
  • Christelle Le Lay, Erwan’s wife,  is responsible for welcoming visitors and customers. She also develops communication means essential to promote the products of the distillery and in particular, the Eddu range worldwide.

A highly motivated team that focuses on the future of the distillery and explores new ways to promote buckwheat and apples.


Trois freres Le Lay et Christelle