A historic place steeped in mystery

The LE LAY family history unfolds in a the quiet valley of Pont-Menhir in the Breton village of Plomelin, western France.

There, a small stream flows past
Standing stones over 5000 years old
2000 year-old Romain remains
Old apple trees
Roman amphora vases
Mobile pot stills

In 1986, on the very same site where his ancestors worked,
Guy LE LAY wrote a new chapter of this valley’s history.

1921 to 1986

The period of itinerant distillers

In 1921, the LELAY family bought a second-hand pot still for distilling cider and extracting brandy commonly known as Lambig. Francès LE LAY would be the first in the family to run the business.

Over the generations, Guillaume, Francès’ son, then his son René carried on the family tradition. In the middle of the 20th century, Plomelin boasted being the Lambig capital of Brittany with no less than seven itinerant distillers from the village travelling around the local area.

The pot stills from the three LE LAY generations have pride of place in the family distillery.


Guy LE LAY, René's son, established the Distillerie des Menhirs

Guy left his job as a Maths teacher, became a professional distiller and at Christmas of the same year, launched the first Pommeau de Bretagne.

The Distillery’s Pommeau de Bretagne is still one of the most widely known in Brittany. Awards for Excellence at the 2019 and 2020 Concours Général Agricole (General Agriculture Contest).


Launch of the first Lambig de Bretagne.

True to his Breton and farming heritage, Guy was also the first to market Breton cider brandy under the name of Lambig.

Against all odds, he stood up for the name Lambig which is deeply rooted in Breton ancestral heritage. For Bretons from western Brittany, the name means cider brandy.

His acclaimed, award-winning, home-made products encouraged him to carry on innovating.

1996 to 2002

A dream comes true

After 10 years of work completely focused on apples, he enthusiastically embarked on yet another adventure.

His dream? To create a buckwheat whisky! The former Maths teacher got down to the practicalities of the job in the family kitchen where pots of greyish mush boiled away.

Then came the decisive meeting with an international spirits expert who gave him the keys to the project’s success. Together, they created the first ever recipe for EDDU whisky -“Eddu” meaning “buckwheat” in the Breton Language.

The launch of EDDU Silver in 2002 was a success with connoisseurs and professionals alike: they were all impressed by this great quality product.

“This (whisky) is so proud to be different and (it is) exceptionally good” Jim MURRAY

From 2008 to the present day

The family adventure continues

Guy retired and his sons, the 5th generation of the LE LAY family, took over the company.

Erwan, Kévin and Loig, each working in their fields of expertise. They have injected new life into the distillery, widened the product range, created their new brand of whisky, ED GWENN; participated in writing the Geographical Indications for whiskies produced in Brittany – Whisky de Bretagne and Whisky Breton, built a new cellar in 2020 and opened out to the international market.