Our buckwheat whiskies

Eddu Silver Pur Blé Noir

From the distillery core activity traditionally based on apples has now branched out an original production owing as much to considerable thought as to brilliant intuition: buckwheat whiskies.

  • Eddu Silver : Pure buckwheat whisky 40% ABV.
  • Launched in September 2002.On sale on our online shop. Available only in Wine shops and Fine Food stores. Retailers list on request from our contact page or through our online shop.Overall score of 91/100 in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible: «an outstanding arrival of something sweet and simmering…, the best whisky to come out of France by some considerable distance ».

  • Eddu Silver Brocéliande : Pure buckwheat whisky 42% ABV.
  • Matured in oak casks from the legendary forest of Brocéliande in Central Brittany.
    On sale on our online shop. Available only in Wine shops and Fine Food stores.
    Eddu Grey Rock Brocéliande

  • Eddu Gold : Pure buckwheat whisky 43% ABV.
  • Launched in September 2006.
    A limited production of 1,400 bottles a year for whisky lovers. The 2013 vintage is out of stock.  The promise of a high maturity whisky with a wide range of aromas and an exceptional structure and roundness on the palate.Overall score of 93/100 in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible: « rarely do whiskies turn up in the glass so rich in character to the point of idiosyncrasy. This is so proud to be different. And exceptionally good, to boot !».

  • EdduGrey Rock : Special blended whisky 40% ABV enriched with 30% buckwheat whisky.
  • An overall score of 89/100 in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible: « soft, lilting, melt-in-the-mouth…a classic, chic blend that sates the tastebuds ».

  • Eddu Grey Rock Brocéliande : Special blended whisky 40 % ABV.
  • A second maturation in new oak casks from the Brocéliande forest.

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Apple-based products


Pommeau VieuxThe distillery runs its own 40 hectare orchards and produces cider, pommeau de Bretagne and apple brandy* (*«eau-de-vie » in French, literally water of life !)

Four products celebrating apple, the symbol of paradise for the Celts:

  • Dry draft Cider: a draft cider from unpasteurised pure juice.
  • Pommeau de Bretagne 17% ABV : obtained from blending lambig (cider brandy) into fresh apple juice at the onset of fermentation. This is an « Appellation of Controlled Origin (AOC) » drink.
  • Lambig de Bretagne 40 % ABV : the cider brandy has an Appellation of Regional Origin.
  • Gwenaval 40% ABV : apple brandy with rich fresh apple flavours, ideally suited for cocktails.

Medaille Or 2014
Ever since its creation the quality of its Lambig and Pommeau has earned the distillery over 38 awards from the Paris Agricultural Show.