Cidre Brut ArtisanalOur local production of cider

Our orchards are set up over 40 hectares on the right bank of the Odet river drawing from its mild and sunny weather.

They essentially produce local varieties of sweet and bittersweet apples with such colorful names as Dous Moen, Marie Ménard, Kermerien, Fero Briz, Avalou Belein.

Once ripe, the apples are hand picked, washed and sorted, and then ground into a pulp.

The ensuing long maceration brings to the apple juice a nice golden-amber hue and intense fruity aromas with hints of dried fruit.

Once pressed, pure juice is put into a vat, clarified then left to slowly ferment before bottling.

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Dry Cider Fact Sheet

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Pommeau Vieux MenhirsOur pommeaux
 – 17% vol.


Pommeau de Bretagne is made from Lambig (Brittany apple brandy) and fresh apple juice at the onset of fermentation.


Officially, Pommeau de Bretagne was created in the Distillerie des Menhirs during Christmas 1986.

Our Pommeau is acknowledged as one of the best in France.

Since its establishment, the distillery has been awarded seventeen medals, including seven gold medals at the annual Paris agricultural show.

Pommeau Jeune MenhirsAgeing

  • Classic Pommeau ages for two years in oak barrels.
    It has an amber hue and fruity touches of apple and cherry.
  • Pommeau vieux: ages for four/five years in small oak barrels.
    It has an attractive amber hue and a smooth mellow taste. Well balanced with prune flavour.


To enjoy Pommeau de Bretagne

  • As an aperitif or with foie gras.
  • It goes beautifully with fish, scallops or to enhance a green apple sorbet.

Pommeau de Bretagne must be served cool but not ice-cold (10 à 12 °C).

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Pommeaux de Bretagne Fact Sheet

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