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Gwenaval is our white apple brandy or blanche de pomme. Made by distilling fresh cider, this spirit is not matured in oak barrels and thus retains its white colour.

In 2006, which was a record harvest year, Guy LE LAY decided to distil fresh cider in order to free up vat space. He liked the scents he smelled around the distillery and therefore decided not to mature this spirit in casks.

In doing so, he revived a Breton tradition consisting of drinking brandy when it is very young.

Can be drunk neat or in cocktails :

  • Try the Breton Mojito, in which Gwenaval makes a pleasant alternative to rum
  • Or the Gwenn Tatin: To make one 700 ml bottle, use 500 ml apple juice, 160 ml Gwenaval and 40 ml toffee syrup.

Tasting descriptions



Lovely fresh apple aromas
Floral, aniseed and fruity notes (pear, lychee)



Elegant and harmonious
Richly fruity character