Pommeau de Bretagne Tradition




Pommeau de Bretagne is a delicious blend of freshly pressed apple juice and Lambig de Bretagne AOC, which is then aged in French oak casks

Fruity aromas of apple and cherry

Guy Le Lay was the original inventor of the first Breton Pommeau, launched in December 1986 initially under the name ‘Apéritif des Menhirs’ then ‘Pommeau des Menhirs’. A more marked structure and tannic character differentiates Breton Pommeau from its Norman counterpart. It also has a higher sugar content (123 g per litre compared with 108 g per litre).

The distillery’s 40 hectares of orchards means it can control all stages of the spirit’s production.

Its Pommeaux AOC are today the most awarded in Brittany.