Lambig de Bretagne (Breton cider brandy)




Lambig de Bretagne is produced by distilling dry cider in a copper still. The spirit obtained is then aged in French oak casks. Our Lambig comes in a Classic and an Old Reserve version, which are a savvy blend of vintages of three to eight or more years old.

Slightly spicy woody aromas, finesse on the palate
Recommended as an after-dinner drink for those who appreciate the roundness of fine brandies.

The story of Lambig is linked above all to one man, the distillery’s founder Guy Le Lay. Refusing to accept the ‘programmed death’ of this farmhouse brandy, which had been produced in his family since 1921, he founded his own distillery and marketed the first Lambig de Bretagne in 1989. With a typically Breton obstinacy, he promoted and gained AOC recognition for the Lambig de Bretagne* denomination, which is part of western Brittany’s ancestral heritage.

Plomelin, the Lambig capital of Brittany. In 1950, Plomelin, where the distillery is based, had the greatest concentration of itinerant distillers in Brittany.

The distillery’s Breton cider brandies have the greatest record of medals at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris.

* Fine Bretagne is the other denomination used for Breton cider brandy