Pommeau de Bretagne Old Reserve




Pommeau de Bretagne is a delicious blend of freshly pressed apple juice and Lambig de Bretagne AOC, which is then aged in French oak casks

  • Dried fruit aromas of nuts and prunes
  • As an aperitif, serve neat and chilled
  • With food, Pommeau de Bretagne goes well with melon or foie gras
  • Apple or chocolate based desserts are also a good match.

Guy Le Lay was the original inventor of the first Breton Pommeau, launched in December 1986 initially under the name ‘Apéritif des Menhirs’ then ‘Pommeau des Menhirs’. A more marked structure and tannic character differentiates Breton Pommeau from its Norman counterpart. It also has a higher sugar content (123 g per litre compared with 108 g per litre).

The distillery’s 40 hectares of orchards means it can control all stages of the spirit’s production.

Its Pommeaux AOC are today the most awarded in Brittany.