Our Lambig – 40% vol.


Lambig is the name of our Brittany cider brandy. After distillation, it ages in our cellar. This spirit is the result of patient selection and blending.


Traditionally, lambig was a cider brandy for the farmworker’s own consumption, and so, not allowed to be sold.

We started making this brandy in 1986 when we became professional distillers.

Lambig de Bretagne

Our Lambigs :

There are two types of lambig de Bretagne.

  • Classic Lambig ages for three years in French oak barrels. Its strength and vitality are characteristic of its youth. Its fresh apples aromas are remarkable with light, woody notes.
  • The Old Reserve Lambig  is a blend of our Brittany apple brandies that have matured for several years in small oak kegs, which in turn bring the richness of their tannin and woody, while slightly spicy aromas to this high quality drink.

To enjoy Lambig

  • Classic lambig can be drunk as a liqueur after a meal or as an aperitif on ice or with a drop of blackcurrant syrup.
  • The Old Reserve Lambig is enjoyed mostly as an after dinner drink, similar to a liquor or a Cognac Grand Reserve.
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